Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose

Meghit sends organic visitors to your site to increase your page views. The visitors we send to clients have been selected by our advertising and Digital Marketing Techniques.

Where does the traffic come from?

Meghit has a network of niche sites that has continually growing for the past decade since we began in this online marketing business sector. These sites are where active visitors are known to frequent. By applying an algorithm to redirect this specific traffic to your website, your number of page views and sales will increase. This process makes it possible to direct visitors looking for specific products and content to locations they want to visit, your site.
We made this possible because we have marketing specialists that analyze your site to determine just which niche sites in our network can help your business grow with specific traffic. We also link up your site with affiliated sites stuffed with content along with search engines to help drive visitors looking for your products to your site. This is accomplished by a real person, which is how we are so effective in providing active visitors.

Is your traffic targeted?

Yes, we have multiple methods for driving targeted traffic to your site. Your site is first analyzed by one of our marketing specialist to determine the niches your site falls into. We then use an algorithm to identify the location visitors should be in so the right ones are visiting your website.
Our network contains more than 200 categories that each of our clients can choose from as part of their target audience. Each category has a detailed description of the visitors this subject attracts. By matching up the interest of each visitor along with their geographical location, a specific target audience can be identified and delivered to your website.
By analyzing your site, we will know what traffic is best suited for it in terms of active visitors. The redirected traffic will include the type of visitors the web owner has selected along with others we determine will be beneficial to you, our valued client.

What is the source of your traffic?

The source of our traffic we send our clients is from a massive network of niche websites. Each niche site has thousands of daily visitors. We apply our proprietary algorithm to these visitors and match them up with the needs of our clients. Our experts know the sites where active visitors are going to in their search for products and information. We share this knowledge with our clients to help them succeed in the online business world. Our success in driving targeted traffic to our clients is one of the reasons a large portion of our business are repeat customers. Our client’s success is the only reason we are in business. This is why we manually analyze each of our client’s traffic as an ongoing process to ensure the right targeted traffic is being received by our valued clients to increase the financial benefits for their business.

Do you provide statistics of the traffic campaign?

Each client has access to our free live stats that pertain to each of our client’s website. Categories of statistics clients have access in terms of traffic.

  • Total visitors delivered during the campaign.
  • Total visitors for the day being checked.
  • Status of the campaigns whether it is active, paused or completed.
Static statistics
  • Start date of your campaign.
  • The URL receiving the targeted traffic.
  • The websites of origin of the traffic.
  • Geographical target area of the campaign.
Areas each client can change during their campaign with our targeted traffic service.
  • The campaign can be paused so the owner of a website can make changes to their site or if the web site is down for any reason.
  • The client can also change the website that is to receive the targeted traffic.
  • Change the niche categories for the site.

What is the time frame to deliver traffic?

The time period we can successfully deliver all of the specific niche traffic is 30 days or depending on the traffic plan ordered. The reason for the large length in time is due to the time required to locate the necessary active targeted traffic for each client. Some client’s needs are just harder when locating high quality traffic, which is the reason for the large time span. We do not take shortcuts.

Does your traffic give sales/leads guarantee?

NO! There are many factors in the sale of products/services. We only supply the targeted traffic interested in specific niches in the specified time limit of the contract. If we do not deliver the number of targeted visitors in that time limit, a prorated refund will be issued or the campaign can continue until the site receives the specified volume. This is very rare, but some niches have such a small target audience, quality traffic can be difficult to locate. We never compromise on quality.

Do you send fake/bot traffic?

Never, Our team always provide Real and orgainic views by Varoues Methods, So only send Organic and Safe Traffic to our Clients.

Do you use Whitehat or Blackhat techniques?

We use Whitehat techniques only. The generation of our traffic is completely organic and never considered spam as many email campaigns are categorized. None of our clients have ever been blacklisted by any search engine due to our techniques in delivering organic traffic to them.

What actions are taken when an order is placed?

Once an order is placed, one of our Meghit experts from our marketing department will review your website. Next, they will generate a report which “you” our client will receive. Each client also receives a dedicated account manager that will plan out the best campaign for the client’s website. This account manager will also be available to answer any questions you might have pertaining to the service. Both of these actions will commence within 24 hours of the order being placed and traffic begins to flow.

Your Backlinks will Index Moz / Ahref Tool?

Yes! 99% Indexing in Moz / Ahref Tool. We will provide workdone report Weekly or Monthly. Your Website DA | PA will increse in 60 to 90 Days.

What type Backlinks are you Provide?

We Normally provide Contextual, Profile links, Anchor text | Link Insert, Link Excahange, Blog post, Etc..